Faerie Festivals have become a very popular spring weekend activity of late. With the rise of thoughtful Green initiatives from industries to libraries, the love and respect for nature is growing. Capitalizing upon this wonderful new light in the world, Grinchspeare is adding a new dimension to his repertoire.

Grinchspeare of the Fae is, as of this writing (August 2016) putting together a new Grinchspeare book about faeries called "Fireflies Are Free, You Can't Take the Sky From Me." Playing off of the popular Science Fiction Drama of the early 2000's Firefly but with a nature conservatory spin and written in Seussian dialogue.

This version of the Grinch is much more friendly to the wee ones and is much less sarcastic. He spells out to children what they can do to keep the planet healthy while preaching a bit of common sense. He delights children with his grand wings and tells stories of the Whos of tiny Whoville and of the Lorax, the environmental champion. In this guise he promotes not just reading but responsibility for the world around us.

Grinchspeare of the Fae is a definite must if you need someone to relate and entertain the wee folks (under 10) and as with all his versions, he hands out free gifts to those who attend and read along with him.

If you have any questions or would like to hire Grinchspeare for your event, faire, or festival, please contact him at Grinchspeare@gmail.com.
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