What would the holiday be without the Grinch?.

Adding the Grinch to your holiday party, whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years, having a smart-alec in green entertaining your guests. Pockets and a santa sack full of practical jokes and fun for everyone. An office party? Give the Grinch some info about who to pick on and why. Pub celebration? The Grinch makes a wonderful EmCee to make your night an incredible memory for all your guests.

This Grinch is of course, the Jim Carrey version, complete with voice, mannerisms, some lines from the famous movie, but much of this Grinch's interaction is improvised, charming, saterical, funny and often . . . brutal!

The truth is, once you invite The Grinch, you'll want him back every year for your celebration, so your best bet is to hire him well in advance of your party and secure his services during the week instead of the often-pre-booked weekends before and after the Yule holidays.

If you have any questions or would like to hire Grinchspeare for your event, faire, or festival, please contact him at Grinchspeare@gmail.com.
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