Welcome to the Renaissance world of Grinchspeare, the Plausible. Imagine a jester who entertains and educates the children of your shire from those in diapers to those in Depends ™.

A parody of all things Dr. Seuss, Grinchspeare, under his Crown of Sporks next to the Cart of Knowledge, reads to children from such Grinchspearian masterpieces as "Green Eggs and Hamlet" or his original creation, "I See Pyrates Everywhere." In one 30 minute set, he not only reads to the delight of his audience but teaches them the value of reading and how such learning can unlock secrets to their imagination.

Grinchspeare is well-versed in ren-speak (the language of over-annunciation of British words used at Renaissance Faires), and will not only provide two shows a day for your event but will enjoy the day by strolling through the crowds getting grinchy with everyone. This is especially delightful for those standing in line for ale or food, where one-on-one experience with entertainers is usually missing.

Please click on the video link at right and if you have any questions or would like to hire Grinchspeare for your event, faire, or festival, please contact him at Grinchspeare@gmail.com.
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