Inviting The Grinch or Grinchspeare to your next event is easy! All you need do is contact The Grinch with your contact information, the date(s) when you want to hire him to perform, and where. He'll work up a reasonable fee for his time and once agreed upon by you, you'll receive a link to a paypal page which will act as a contract for hire.

Hiring The Grinch or Grinchspeare brings more than just an entertainer. The Grinch will often arrive with Christmas presents for the crowd since he did steal it once upon a time. Grinchspeare brings "The Cart of Knowledge" with him to faires and events and golden spork necklaces for some of the children and maybe a pirate book or two.

There have been many entertainers worldwide who have tried to master The Grinch but most of those are limited to spouting lines from both the animated tv special or the 2000 movie starring Jim Carrey. This is where I stand out above the crowd with improv that seems to be channelled from Jim Carrey himself. . . I often think that when I perform The Grinch, the actor must go into a trance! is strictly intended as an entertainment and parody for-hire website and is maintained by Kimball Publishing, LLC.
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