Grinchspeare the Pirate? Yes, mates and wenches, he be a wonderful pirate to please all sizes of landlubber with his new giant tome, written and illustrated by 'imself, "I SEE PYRATES EVERYWHERE".

The book has become such a popular read that Kimball Publications may produce the book in a convenient kid-size for purchase wherever Grinchspeare appears. Once the book is published we might just offer it for online purchase, so stay ye tuned!

Pyrate Grinchspeare brings not just a love of all things Seusian to you but a wealth of pirate knowledge as well. Grinchspeare's alter ego is Commodore Steve "Black Fox" Kimball of the world-reknowned Pyrates Way Magazine. He knows a bit about piracy and is happy to share that knowledge with all ages of children.

He also shares pirate candy, jewelry and copies of Scallywags, a small children's-sized magazine about pirates, including puzzles, coloring, information and fun.

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